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Aikido Training for Self-Defense and Self-Mastery

Improve your life by learning self-defense and self-improvement at Eureka Springs Aikido.

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Aikido teacher teaching student Aikido techiques

About Aikido

Aikido is a martial art focused on self-defense and self-mastery. Unlike other martial arts, we train to de-escalate conflict rather than harm attackers. It’s more than just defeating your opponents.

It’s about building your confidence and using your power to defend yourself. It has the capability to help you find peace and confidence that carries into your daily life.

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Benefits of Aikido

Aikido provides a holistic approach to improve your life with it’s various benefits like the ability to defend yourself, increase your physical fitness level and impact your well being.
Protect yourself and others
Ability to adapt in situations
De-escalation techniques
Learn how to use a sword
Defend against attackers
Learn defensive strategies
Increase situational awareness
Learn to fall safely
Manage physical stress
Improve posture and balance
Better reaction timing
Reduce muscle tension
Build resistance to stress
Conflict resolution skills
Reduce depression and anxiety
Increase self-esteem
Improve self-discipline

Why Eureka Springs Aikido?

I’m your Sensei, Zach Trent! I teach Aikido in Eureka Springs, AR. I’ve been studying Aikido for 13+ years, earning a second degree black belt. I have also studied Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Ken Jitsu (Japanese Sword), and Taekwondo, but when I took my first Aikido class I was hooked!

I frequently attend weekend seminars and Aikido training camps to help me grow and become a better student as well as a better teacher for my students.

We were all beginners once. I take that to heart as I teach. I love to see the progress my students make. I love providing lots of encouragement and education.

My goal is to help you improve your life through Aikido training. It’s had a significant impact on my life and my students’ lives. I want you to experience the benefits we get from Aikido!

Sensei Zach Trent - Aikido Teacher

High-Ranking Aikido Practitioners I’ve Learned From

George Ledyard

(7th Degree black belt)

Tip Harris Sensei

(5th Degree black belt)

Ryan Goetch Sensei

(5th Degree black belt)

Bill Gleason

(7th Degree black belt)

Mitsugi Saotome Sensei

(Direct Student of the founder of Aikido)

Miles Kessler Sensei

(6th Degree black belt)

Reviews From My Students

“Zach is a very patient instructor and is kind. He makes class feel welcoming and less intimidating for those starting out. The philosophical implications have been more impactful than the fighting training, wasn’t expected but welcome.”
Colin S.
“Zach's Aikido training was perfect. As a teacher myself, I noticed he showed great patience and understanding while explaining moves and techniques with proper terminology and meaning. Highly recommended and absolutely outstanding!”
Skip B.
“Zach has a noticeably deep understanding of the art... significantly better than I had as a 1st degree in different arts. Significantly better.”
John N.

Youth and Adult Aikido

Join us for Aikido in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

You’ll learn Aikido while experiencing many benefits this style of martial arts has to offer. One of the best skills you’ll gain from Aikido training is the ability to fall safely, plus you will learn to use a sword which will make you look cool.

Additional benefits include a flexible body, greater resistance to stress response and being in a supportive class environment.

This class is for youth 10 years old & up and all adults.

Join at anytime! Located at the Eureka Springs Community Center.

Mondays & Wednesdays

5:30 pm -7:00 pm

Eureka Springs Community Center

Woman and man practicing Aikido wrist self-defense techiques
Aikido class performing warm up stretches
Two men practicing Aikido self-defense
Woman and man practicing self-defense using Aikido

Ready to learn self-defense and self-mastery through Aikido?

Improve your life by learning self-defense and self-improvement at Eureka Springs Aikido.